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Austin synth trio Dallas Acid's first of a series of quarantine collaborative albums for charities under the name "Dallas Acid's Bubble Club" on their newly launched label Odeon Broadcasting. The first release, "Vol I: A Prayer for Peace," features ambient legends LARAAJI and Ariel Kalma, Bill Callahan, Paz Lenchantin of The Pixies, Rocco DeLuca, Joce Soubiran of Zebulon, Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance, Ivan Berko of Juicy Street NYC and Clint Newsom of Hairy Sands/Flying Moonlight Records. 

The album began as a slow, ever-evolving sequence patched together on Dallas Acid's massive modular synthesizer known as The Brain, serving as the soundtrack for their COVID-19 preparations. As people around the world began to retreat into their own private bubbles, they felt the sequence could be expanded into a larger collaborative piece.


A Prayer For Peace

The 35-minute recording was cut into sections and randomly sent to each collaborator 'exquisite corpse' style, so no one knew what the others were playing. As Dallas Acid had hoped, the individual bubbles were magically drawn together into a beautiful, multi-layered, melodic canvas that became bigger than the sum of its individual parts. All donations to the Bubble Club will be split 50/50 between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) and Relief International, a charity organization coordinating a global response to the COVID-19 crisis. Welcome to the Bubble Club!

Spiral Ambience.jpg
The Spiral Ambience

 Dallas Acid follow-up their debut All Saints Records LP The Spiral Arm, with a special companion album which slows down the music into a series of spectral ambient re-works. 

The Spiral Ambience parallels the bubbling phenomenon of a certain YT subculture yearning to hear pop songs stretched out and slowed down. Here Dallas Acid take their nuance for designing compelling soundworlds to offer the listener “a deeper study, a chance to feel the tones of the planet, and then exist for a while in the ether of synth and gong.” Or as described by Arrive Without Leaving LP collaborator Laraaji, “Majestically immersive sound spaces in which to float, wonder, move and trance.”

The Spiral Arm

The Spiral Arm originally began as a live performance at the Scobee Planetarium in San Antonio - a soundtrack meant to accompany a visual journey through the cosmos. When we took the pieces out on the road over the next few months, these primarily improvisational ambient works evolved into the more traditionally-structured songs you hear on the album. We combined the more straightforward, melodic approach to songwriting we took on Spa Hunter, with the more lavish orchestrations and experimental environments of Original Soundtrack. 


The Spiral Arm still functions as an auditory transport for interstellar adventure, but it's focus is pointed firmly back to the human experience on planet Earth: celebrating love and life, overcoming gut-wrenching tragedy, and coping with the increasingly bizarre, science-fiction reality we face as a species every day. We hope the listener finds beauty, courage, inspiration, and at least some sense of comfort and shelter from the storm.

Arrive Without Leaving


Arrive Without Leaving is an ensorcelling, immersive musical experience stemming from the collaboration of musical visionaries LARAAJI, Dallas Acid, and Arji OceAnanda. It was recorded the day after the artists had shared a bill at National Sawdust, in an exhilarating six-hour session of sonic exploration held at Vibromonk Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The raw materials were then edited and arranged by Christian Havins and Dallas Acid, and finally mixed by Jeff Ziegler (Mary Lattimore, Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs) at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, the album was produced by Dallas Acid and LARAAJI.

Spa Hunter

The third LP by Dallas Acid invites the listener aboard an ultraviolet Dreamliner of modular sequences, sprawling Moog synthesizers, quaking gongs and celestial vox. SPA HUNTER recalls moments of American minimalism, early German electronic music and Stockhausen inspired pop. An electrifying yet tranquil cruise through the fantasies of the mind.

Original Soundtrack

After two years of deep space sonic exploration, Dallas Acid returns to Earth in 2016 with a new double LP. "Original Soundtrack" leads you past distant stars, diving into pulsars of shifting sound waves, swimming through black holes screaming with white noise, and serenely floating past remnants of ancient supernovae. This record chronicles the fantastic energy that led them on this sonorous journey. The listener is piloted by primordial rhythms, and invited to step out of the vessel to meet the nearest bright stars, inviting us to channel a singular event, the beginning of the universe.

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