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The Spiral Ambience


While The Spiral Arm focuses on the collective human experience and our spiritual relationship to Earth’s various terrains and ecosystems, The Spiral Ambience shifts perspectives, imagining the relationship from the planet’s point of view.  These slowed, remixed tracks offer the listener a deeper study, a chance to feel the tones of the planet, and then exist for a while in the ether of synth and gong. 


We’ve experimented with remixing our own recordings over the years, but rarely has a piece come into its own, with a unique personality and such a distinctive feeling 

1 Dallas Acid - The Spiral Ambience Albu

from the original. The approach we took was similar to when we were creating music for float tanks a few years ago: stripping it down to a select few tracks, affecting & manipulating the speeds, and then remixing them into a new composition.

Dallas Acid - The Enamel Sea Single .jpg
The Enamel Sea
Ecological Succession
Dallas Acid - Ecological Succession Sing
Dallas Acid - The Spiral Ambience Single
The Spiral Ambience II
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